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Proposed location of suspension bridge (left); example of a suspension bridge built to DOC standards (right)

Proposed location of suspension bridge (left); example of a suspension bridge built to DOC standards (right)

Pursuing a Suspension Bridge for Bluff Road

In conjunction with the Matarangi Ratepayers Association (MRAI), the Kuaotunu Residents & Ratepayers Association (KRRA) has been actively exploring the feasibility of reinstating walking & cycling access between Rings Beach and Matarangi via the building of a suspension bridge to bypass the area of Bluff Road that has been closed due to rockfall.

In our opinion it is an absolute necessity to retain a safe cycle/walking track along our coastline, connecting our communities and remaining away from SH25.

To build a suspension bridge to NZTA standards would be expensive, but MRAI & KRRA are campaigning to have a bridge built to DOC standards only but for a width to support emergency access for quad bikes to Rings Beach (with locked bollards to restrict general access), given that there is no intention this bridge should cater for wider vehicles. The cost of a suspension bridge built to DOC standards would be lower.

The first step was to convince our local government authorities to support us in this aspiration, and we are delighted to report that at the September meeting of the Mercury Bay Community Board (MBCB), the outgoing Board recommended to the incoming Council that it "requests the Chief Executive to undertake discussions with the Kuaotunu and Matarangi residents & ratepayers to explore the construction of a bridge across the bay area and a business case to be created". 

On another positive note, KRRA has just been informed that at the recent council meeting, councillors endorsed MBCB's recommendations. Your committee will keep driving this initiative and we will keep you posted.  

Kuaotunu History Project

There is a group of locals who believe it is time to add to the recorded history of Kuaotunu.  Alf Simpson in his book ‘This is Kuaotunu’ has done an admirable job of recording the very interesting activities in our village up to about 1960.  

Since then, there’s been plenty of activity and development which we feel should be recorded. We are concerned that some who have known plenty have left this world and others are heading along the same track.

Our first step is to gauge local interest in providing individual memoirs, stories, information or photographs. 

Anybody who would like to contribute information, text or photographs or just talk to us about a particular topic is invited to email us with their contact details at: kuaotunuhistory@gmail.com.

We will then arrange to discuss with them how they or their material can be of assistance. An independent editor will eventually be engaged to amalgamate and collate everyone’s contributions and progress things to a printable stage.

If you know of someone who doesn't receive the Kuaotunu Community Newsletter, or perhaps a past resident, who might have items of interest please contact them and/or email us. We are also happy to hear suggestions on any aspect of the project, such as things we may have missed out, as it is still in the very early planning stage.

Please click the button below to see the preliminary listing of subjects we are considering for inclusion. Each heading will be expanded with subtopics as information and photographs come in.

Exciting News for Kuaotunu Bird Rescue 

Kuaotunu Bird Rescue is excited to announce a major makeover of the Kuaotunu Bird Rescue website. In addition to containing much more information about the work of this dedicated team of volunteers, the new website also enables donors to set up regular (e.g. monthly or annual) donations via their debit or credit cards.

Did you know that the Kuaotunu Bird Rescue Trust spends around $12,000 on food, medicines, vet bills, supplies, and the heating and housing required by its feathered patients? By donating regularly, even if only $5 or $10 per month, you can help the Trust plan for the future and ensure that it has the money it needs to cover these regular expenses. 

With Christmas coming up and the increasing awareness of the need to support our environment, including the wildlife that share it with us, what better gift to give someone than a regular monthly donation to Kuaotunu Bird Rescue Trust. Every regular donor will receive an acknowledgment card which would make an ideal stocking-filler for those hard-to-buy for people.

Bus Shelter Proposal for the Blackjack Reserve

A new piece of infrastructure recently appeared on Blackjack Reserve - a pump house, erected by TCDC. The purpose of the pump is to supply water to the toilet block, to replace the original water supply from the spring on the escarpment behind the toilet as this is prone to blockage by slips.

Unfortunately, the accompanying power box needed to be higher off the ground than the box itself, and this was achieved by installing it on an upstand to the pump box. The result is a new structure which is highly visible and not particularly attractive.

At the request of the KRRA committee, committee member Roimata Taimana came up with a few ideas for beautifying this structure, while not impeding the access that TCDC require to the pump itself.

TCDC are considering our ideas and your committee would love to have your feedback also. Let us know what you think.

Kuaotunu Dune Care Funding Success

The Dune Care Group is delighted to have received almost $10,000 from the Waikato Regional Council (from their Environmental Initiatives Fund) and a further $1,000 from the Mercury Bay Community Board.

These monies will be used to start the proposed restoration project in Zone 1, directly across from the village. Our vision is to rehabilitate the dunes, upgrade the planting and to manage access (all of which form part of the proposed TCDC Shoreline Management Plan).

Kuaotunu Dune Care would like to thank the large number of volunteers who have been attending our working bees. Your support has been invaluable, and already our progress is visible. 

Upcoming Events

Sunday 9th October 


Saturday 15th October

A group of local female artists each created an art piece for a volunteer model to wear and was then photographed by Felicity Jean Photography.

The result – a 2023 calendar!!!

Launching 15 October 2022 Kuaotunu Hall, open to the public from 11am to 5pm.

Auction of framed prints and breast art pieces from 6pm.

Follow the story of the artists, the art, the models on facebook.com/TreasuredChestsCalendar

Wednesday 19th October

The next Kuaotunu Dune Care working bee starts at 8.30am at the Black Rock (Kawhero) Reserve which is just before the bridge heading to the village (x marks the spot!).

Saturday 22nd - Monday 24th October (Labour Weekend)

Thursday 27th October 

The Kuaotunu Hall Committee is holding its Annual General Meeting at the Kuaotunu Hall at 5pm. All welcome!

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