NZTA is responsible for anything to do with State Highway 25.

The Thames-Coromandel District Council is responsible for all other local roads (but not private roads).

SH25: call NZTA

0800 4 HIGHWAYS (0800 44 44 49)
24 hours a day

Local road: call TCDC

07 868 0200  
24 hours a day

Other helpful resources


Power lines down?

Call Powerco's emergency number:
0800 27 27 27
24 hours a day

Note that this line is reserved for emergencies only

Experiencing a fault or a power-related issue?

Check with your power supplier first.

If your supplier advises that there are no issues with the power supply:

check whether Powerco is reporting an outage

If there are no reported issues or faults but your power is still not working:

log a fault with Powerco

or call

0800 POWERCO (0800 769 372


Chorus is responsible for the fibre optic and copper cables network that underpins the provision of internet services.

If you are experiencing an internet issue, check with your phone or broadband provider first. If they advise that they are not aware of any issues, check whether Chorus is reporting an outage.

Still no internet?

Call Chorus:
0800 4 NETWORK (0800 463 896)
24 hours a day

Fibre is coming...

Fibre has been laid in Kuaotunu and is expected to be commercially available in the next few months.

If fibre is not an option for your property but you receive a strong connection to Spark's 4G mobile network, then rural wireless internet may be an option. Note that it is possible to have a landline with this option without requiring any cables to your property.