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Proposed Spat Catching Farm

Many of you will have noticed (on TV, in the papers, on Kuaotunu Katchup etc) the application, currently with Waikato Regional Council, to gain resource consent to establish 30 hectares of mussel spat farm off the Whauwhau.

Your Committee has studied the application and is of the opinion that it insufficiently addresses environmental impact and does not specify social and economic advantages with a thorough cost/benefit case. On that basis, and following the brief discussions at the recent AGM where the community informally voiced opposition to this proposal, we have submitted against it.

This is not necessarily a fixed position, but does give us the opportunity, on behalf of our community, to speak at a hearing and to establish more clearly the real impacts of such a proposal.

If this is of concern to you, you can read the full application online. Please do this, AND send us your thoughts. We appreciate the input.

Happylocal Winter Wellness Programme

A local (Courtney Linnecar) and a few fantastic volunteers are looking to put on a Winter Wellness Programme for everyone in the community to join, to keep us connected throughout the colder months.

We all know that eating healthily and exercising is a good way to keep well - but did you know how important your close community connections are too? In particular, three activities - Dancing, having a Laugh and Singing are all powerful ways to keep healthy, live longer and be happier too.

So put it in your diaries now, June 6th for "Dancing in the Dark", which is a chance to dance your socks off in the darkness so you can really feel free and enjoy a wide range of music; July 4th for "Sing like in the shower", a chance to sing in a very relaxed setting with others who enjoy it too; and finally on August the 23rd we will be hosting a community "Laugh out Loud" film night - one early family session starting at 5pm and another session at 8pm for the adults (don't forget your snuggly sleeping bags!).

More information soon. Any queries, contact courtney@happylocal.com.

SH25 Footpath Update

You may have noticed that work started along SH25 (east of the boat ramp) and then stopped!
The reason is simply that the contractors started to drill for the new retaining wall, but got down 8 meters without finding bedrock. So, it’s back to the design board, new approval from WRC and then work will recommence.

Here’s hoping....

Waitaia Rd Residents Concerned...

A public meeting of all Waitaia Rd residents was held recently and attended by 20 people. A number of issues were discussed, with a key concern being the current proposal by the Waitaia Forestry Syndicate (WFS) to use Waitaia Rd to bring 50,000 tonnes of logs out starting next summer. 

You can read the full report of the meeting here. If you support the stance being taken by the residents of Waitaia Rd, or have suggestions to make, please let us know.

Exciting News for Kuaotunu Bird Rescue

Our very own bird lady, Annemieke Kregting, has been quietly working away on an exciting new initiative for Kuaotunu Bird Rescue, and is delighted to announce that her latest project is now fully fledged: 


This website is a mine of useful information about Kuaotunu Bird Rescue and the care and support of wild birds in general - for example, find out what you should do if you find an abandoned baby bird, or a sick or injured bird; learn what supplies Annemieke finds most useful; and check out what you should be feeding the wild birds in your garden.

Annual Planting Day Coming Up for Kauri 2000

Update on the Recladding Project at the Hall

Unfortunately consent issues prevented the recladding project at the hall from starting in April as planned. However these have finally been resolved and work is scheduled to start shortly after Queen's Birthday weekend.

Support Your Residents and Ratepayers Association

As you will have seen from the items above, and in previous newsletters, the committee of your Residents and Ratepayers Association works hard to represent and resolve the issues that concern our community.

The more members we have, the stronger mandate we have when negotiating with TCDC, DOC, WRC etc on your behalf. 

So if you appreciate the work we do, please do contribute the $10 per person required to be a KRRA member, and if you were a member last year and haven't renewed your subscription yet, please remember that these are due by the end of June.

This newsletter is brought to you by the Kuaotunu Residents and Ratepayers Association Inc.

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