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Merry Christmas, Kuaotunu!

30km Signs in the Village At Last…

Your KRRA committee was delighted to learn last week that the long-requested traffic calming measures for the village have not only been approved but implemented. A great outcome (albeit after 3 plus years of advocacy). Thanks TCDC!

And thanks also to TCDC for organising the great repair job that has been carried out on Black Jack Rd. We look forward to the next instalment after Christmas.

Flowers and Food in Abundance at the Food Forest

Despite the challenging, wet weather of 2023, the Kuaotunu Food Forest has had a resurgence of love and growth now the weather has become more settled. As you can see from the picture, a few dedicated local volunteers have been making it a space for locals and visitors alike to enjoy and pick from this summer.

We always need volunteers as the grass and weeds are persistent! So, please get in touch with the co-ordinator Courtney (courtney@happylocal.com) for the next date when the team will be weeding and enjoying the hot summer sun we are all expecting (or simply go in at a time that suits you)! We usually stay a couple of hours and either have a drink or bite to eat afterwards. We have many knowledgeable people helping if you wish to learn as well as join for community connection. Gardening is so great for your health!

If you can't make the time, then we are set up to accept donations at WANT nursery for fruit trees, plant food, mulch for the coming seasons. Or if you fancy just popping in for a play or pick any time - please do! We would just really appreciate any help with watering (hose is in the shed) for 10-15 minutes. Special thanks to Tamaterā for their support with our local initiative.

Public Meeting on Sunday the 7th of January

If you are here over the holidays then please do come along to the public meeting being held by KRRA at the Kuaotunu Hall at 3pm on Sunday the 7th of January. Note that you do not need to be a KRRA member to attend, we welcome all residents and ratepayers.

This is is an invaluable opportunity for you to hear in person about the advocacy work being carried out on your behalf by KRRA, and more importantly for you to contribute your thoughts and suggestions about how life in our wonderful community could be improved. Put the date in your diary now!

New Owners for Kua Kawhe

Acquiring the café has been a significant endeavour for us (Sarah & Florian), and one we have invested in wholeheartedly.

Owning this beautiful spot in the beach community still feels somewhat surreal. What truly makes it special is being part of this incredible community - we feel immensely fortunate to be surrounded by such amazing people.

Sarah, our interior designer, has been busy adding her touch to our café's charm. Meanwhile Florian has a unique background, he used to run a trading business specialising in singing bowls, percussion instruments, and gongs.

On a personal note, we're a blended family with three wonderful kids: Florian's 23 year-old son Mio lives in Germany, while Sarah's daughter Lili (18) and son Tom (15) have grown up in the vibrant communities of Kuaotunu and Whitianga.

A heartfelt thank you to Lisa, the previous owner, for entrusting us with this wonderful venture, and to Luke and his team for welcoming and supporting us. And of course to our own fantastic team - you're the backbone of our success, and we genuinely appreciate each one of you. Special thanks for all you do.

Something for the Kids to Do - Finding Moa Stones

Summer is a great time to get out and explore the Rings Beach / Matarangi Bluff track right on our doorstep.  With a good range of track types and durations it’s an activity those of all ages can enjoy.  

Apart from searching for the elusive Fernbird, children will especially enjoy hunting for Moa stones.  These relicts from these long-gone giants of the bush can still readily be found all along the track; especially by those with young sharp eyes.

Picked up by Moa, they were used as gizzard stones to grind food and can now often be found where bare ground is exposed.  They can be distinguished from regular stones by their hard nature and rounded edges resulting from the grinding process inside the gizzards.  They can sometimes be very beautiful and Moa have rightfully been described as NZ’s first gemstone collectors!

No more will ever be made and if they are not picked up and saved they will eventually be washed down to the sea to be lost to us forever.  Rings Beach track member and geologist Alastair Brickell at Stargazers would be happy to help confirm the origin of stones that have been picked up.

Learn More About the Rings Beach Walking Track

Change in the Air at KRRA…

At next year’s KRRA AGM several long-standing committee members, including Carrie Parker, Brent Page (Chair) and Kathy Speirs (Treasurer and producer of this newsletter) will be standing down. Could you be one of the people who replaces them?

The AGM will come around quickly (it is always held on Easter Sunday, which is on the 31st of March this year). So please start thinking now about whether you would be prepared to offer your skills and experience to the committee. If you have recently moved to Kuaotunu this is an ideal opportunity to make a difference and contribute to your new community.  

For more information about what KRRA does please visit the KRRA page of the Kuaotunu website and feel free to reach out to any of the current committee members (whose contact numbers are on this page) for more details about what is involved and how you could contribute.

Important Summer Holiday Information

Dog restrictions apply to all local beaches from 20 Dec to 31 Jan, from 9am to 6pm

Petanque Court

The Kuaotunu Domain Board has removed a fair amount of shingle/pea metal from the petanque court (beside the Kuaotunu Library), which will hopefully make it much more playable.

Please try it out and send any comments to ian.goodall@xtra.co.nz.

Birthday Celebrations

Father & son enjoying the 14th Birthday of Luke’s Kitchen. Congratulations, Luke!

Yoga at the Hall

Yoga classes at the Kuaotunu Hall are very popular over the summer holiday period and this summer there is a good range of classes which you can view on the hall calendar.

View the Kuaotunu Hall Calendar

Upcoming Events

Saturday 6 January

Kiwi Avoidance Training for Dogs

Have you had your dog kiwi avoidance trained? With so many kiwi living in the bush around Kuaotunu, having your dog kiwi avoidance trained reduces the chance of them becoming a kiwi killer.

To register for this training please click here.

Sunday 7 January, 2024

KRRA Public Meeting at the Kuaotunu Hall at 3pm.  All welcome!

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