KRRA Submissions

This one is still open for individual submission and concerns making the temporary speed reduction on SH25 permanent. 

For our community this resulted in the 70km/hr between Kingfisher Way and just beyond Hilldale Crescent being reduced to 50km/hr but with “Temporary” speed signage added. 

However, this speed limit change is only Temporary and, now that SH25A is complete and other SH25 recovery works are well underway, the threat is the new Government’s direction to agencies and local councils to restore reduced limits back “if it is safe to do so”. 

In our situation it is certainly not safe to do so and given our long campaign for speed reduction on SH25 through our community, making all our voices heard is key to making this 50km/hr permanent.   

Please click on the links to read the KRRA Submission to Make Kuaotunu Temporary Speed Reductions Permanent and for a Word template for your own submission.

The KRRA’s engagement on TCDC’s plan has been ongoing since 2023 and our proposed submission has been shared with you over recent months.  

Kevin and Ian went to Thames this month to talk to the submission and present our views on the changes we wanted to see driven from our communities’ goals and aspirations.  

One of our main priorities was Roading and Footpaths, specifically Safe footpaths on SH25 from Waitaia / Cemetery Roads to the Kūaotunu Village and Kingfisher Way to Quarry Point boat ramp and onto Bluff Road and the restoration of the Walking and Cycling link between Kuaotunu to Matarangi.

We are awaiting feedback from the Council and will update once we have it. 

Please click on the links to read the KRRA submission on the TCDC Long Term Plan 2024-2034 together with additional information and the TCDC plan itself.

Should this bill be incorporated into law, for those development projects under its remit, it would prevent our community from seeing, engaging in or having a say in said developments. It would also reduce the role of our local and regional democratic organisations, TCDC and WRC, to consultation only.

As a democratic body acting on your behalf, the KRRA would be completely excluded.

The scope of the bill largely overrides 10 major planning and regulatory standards that impact on many, potentially all, of our communities’ goals and aspirations. We listed these based on your 2023 survey responses as part of KRRA submission.

For this reason, we submitted our objection to the bill in its current form and proposed that existing and proven fast track approaches based on current standards be used instead.

The bill is currently under review by the Environment Select Committee who have 6 weeks of hearings and comes back to Parliament for its second reading on 7th September.

Please click on the links to read the KRRA submission on the New Zealand Fast-track Approvals Bill together with the bill itself.

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