Kuaotunu Residents and Ratepayers Association

Next Committee Meeting:  

6pm Thursday 20 February
Kuaotunu Hall

What is KRRA?

KRRA stands for Kuaotunu Residents and Ratepayers Association Inc. We are an incorporated society that aims to provide a forum for discussion on local issues, and to represent and promote the views and aspirations of Kuaotunu residents and ratepayers to all relevant authorities.

To achieve this we work closely with the Thames-Coromandel District Council (TCDC), and the Mercury Bay Community Board, with regards to environment and planning matters that affect Kuaotunu.

Where necessary we make non-partisan submissions to local bodies on legislation that affects Kuaotunu.

Membership of KRRA is open to anyone who lives, or who owns property, in the general area of Kuaotunu (including Ring's Beach, but excluding Matarangi and Otama/Opito Bay who have their own representation).

Many local bodies such as the Council prefer to deal with a representative body like KRRA rather than individual residents and ratepayers. When issues arise that affect the Kuaotunu community, KRRA will consult with its members and represent the consensus opinion. So if you want to have your voice heard, join today!


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