Proposed Changes to KRRA's Constitution

The IRD wrote to KRRA in 2017 and advised that in order for KRRA to retain its existing Non Profit status, various clauses would need to be added to its constitution.

Note that if KRRA loses its Non Profit status, any excess of income over expenditure in a financial year would be taxable. The Committee does not believe that our members would want to see up to 1/3rd of their membership fees going on tax.

As the current constitution was written in 2009, it was felt that it was timely to use this opportunity to review the whole document and make any other changes that might be appropriate.

A revised version of the constitution was circulated to members in late 2017 for their review, and a final draft circulated prior to the 2018 AGM. The resolution to adopt the revised version as KRRA's constitution did not reach the required threshold of 65% of financial members, and therefore was not passed.  

The new KRRA committee has made further changes to the draft constitution (click the top button on the right "2019 - Proposed Constitution" to read), and these changes have received approval from some of those members who spoke against the previous version at the 2018 AGM.  This is the version of the constitution for which approval will be sought at the 2019 AGM.

Proposed new wording - blue
Deleted wording - red
IRD wording - orange


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