Vote to Change the Constitution

Approved:    108                Disapproved:   34

This motion did not meet the threshold of 65% of financial members and so did not pass.

Committee Election Results

Alastair Brickell79
Carolyn Gibbs77
Isabel Gilbert Palmer75
Keith Goodall133
Dugald Hoyland48
Bill Muir41
Gordon McRobbie47
Kate Nielsen107
Brent Page129
Ian Preece92
Luke Reilly124
Kathy Speirs94
Chris Twemlow86
Sheila Westley61
Evans Young36

2018 Committee

Alastair Brickell
Carolyn Gibbs
Isabel Gilbert Palmer
Keith Goodall
Kate Nielsen
Brent Page
Ian Preece
Luke Reilly
Kathy Speirs
Chris Twemlow


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