2022 KRRA Committee Nominations

The following nominations (in alphabetical order) have been received for positions on the 2022 KRRA Committee:

Danny Bay (current Committee Member)

Nominated by Kathy Speirs, seconded by Natalie Bay

Our family (Natalie, Charlie, Pippa, and little Sadie) are relatively new residents to Kuaotunu after moving here in 2018.

For the previous 10 years or so, we have enjoyed Kuaotunu as a holiday destination, staying at our family bach. On every return home, we wondered what life would look like if we were to be living in Kuaotunu full time.  We finally made the decision to make Kuaotunu our home and we haven't looked back. The community has been so welcoming and supportive.

Kuaotunu is a special place and I'd like to contribute to its future. Joining the KRRA seems like a good chance to give back. 

Alastair Brickell (current Committee Member)

Nominated by Carrie Parker, seconded by Bill Muir

Harriette and I have lived in Kuaotunu for almost 40 years and now run Stargazers B&B and Astronomy Tours.

Over that time I have been involved in several community groups including the Fire Brigade (over 35 years), Rings Beach Wetland Group, Kuaotunu Hall Committee, MB Area School Board of Trustees, Kuaotunu Domain Board and also on the MB Historical Society committee for over 20 years.  Time permitting I also help out with Kauri 2000 planting and volunteer at the Coromandel I-Site.

Having been a KRRA committee member at various times over the last 30 years I am standing again as I feel it is an organisation that deserves input from a dedicated group of locals with a diverse range of ages, backgrounds and interests. 

Only then can we ensure that Kuaotunu develops the way we want it to; rather than the way our local or regional councils think it should.

Kevin Crawford

Nominated by Alastair Brickell, seconded by Harriette Brickell

My wife Jenny and I have had a property in Kuaotunu West since 1983, built our house in 2005 and made the permanent move in mid 2020.

My background is in Engineering Consultancy with some 45 years in delivery of infrastructure projects here and overseas with the last 20 years in New Zealand on road and rail projects for local authority and government agencies.

It is this experience that can advocate for the Kuaotunu community through KRRA with TCDC and Waka Kotahi on key issues such as a fairer share of investment into local & SH25 roading and road safety, walking and cycling and community infrastructure. 

I am passionate about this vibrant community we are fortunate to call home and proactively contributing to achieving its future vision.

Steve McKenzie

Nominated by Luke Reilly, seconded by Brent Page

My background has been 30 years in Hospitality and currently Operations Manager of Luke’s Kitchen.

I moved here two years ago with my wonderful family for a lifestyle change and to also spend more time together.

I felt welcomed straight away and fell in love with the way a real community cares for each other.

I would really like to be a part of preserving and helping grow that community feel.

The reason I still love hospitality is because of people, from holiday makers, community friends and the whole LK family, it is always the people who make the difference.

Kate Nielsen (current Secretary)

Nominated by Mel Asquith, seconded by Dan Asquith

My family and I have lived in Kuaotunu for 18 years, and I have been on the KRRA committee for 5 years. I love being involved in the community and believe strongly in serving the natural beauty, quirky & diverse population, and village feel, that we are lucky to call home.

It is so important that we continue to ensure Kuaotunu is recognised as a unique and strong voice in the broader scope of the Mercury Bay area.

Brent Page (current Chair)

Nominated by Ursula Gaebler, seconded by Lise Hermansen

Lise and I have owned property in Kuaotunu since 1988 and been permanent residents since 2000. My career experience was in the IT industry over 30 years, 25 of which was as CEO/Shareholder of Connect NZ. CNZ was NZ’s largest, privately owned ICT company, with 185 employees and offices in Akl, Ham, Wgtn & CHCH.

During the period 2010-2014, I chaired Destination Coromandel and from 2012 to 2016, I chaired TCDC’s Economic Development Committee. After being elected in April 2018, I have been a member of the current committee.

Lise and I continually remind ourselves how blessed we are to be able to live in Kuaotunu Village and are keen to ensure that our natural environment is preserved and enhanced and that the wonderful, creative and unique individuals that make up our Community all have a voice in our future together.

Carrie Parker (current Committee Member)

Nominated by Waling Kakebeeke, seconded by Jose Kakebeeke

I moved back to New Zealand as a permanent resident in 2006, having chosen Kuaotunu as my home.  My career was IT and Project Management, and on retiring I decided to get involved in community activities that would combine my work skills and my love of the environment we live in.  Charlie and I were welcomed into this wonderfully supportive community and made many new friends.

I was a member of the KRRA committee for 6 years, 3 years of which I was Chairperson.  I have been an active member of the Rings Beach Wetland group for over 6 years and am the coordinator of the trapping teams.  I am Chair of the Kuaotunu Hall Committee and I am very proud of all the committee has achieved – both before and since my appointment.  Volunteering with these groups is very rewarding and I am ready to contribute again as best I can as part of KRRA.

Luke Reilly (current Committee Member)

Nominated by Brent Page, seconded by Kathy Speirs

Standing for the committee means a lot to me as I would like to have an input into the present and future of Kuaotunu. 

Being lucky enough to have grown up in this area, but experience work and travel around different parts of the world, has given me a huge appreciation of how special our community and environment is in Kuaotunu.

I believe in keeping Kuaotunu......Kuaotunu. 

Kathy Speirs (current Treasurer)

Nominated by Carrie Parker, seconded by Jo Mullins

My professional background is in IT, business development and financial management. My interests are varied but include flower gardening, travel, and conservation. 

I am currently the Secretary/Treasurer of the Hall Committee, the Treasurer of KRRA, and the Treasurer of the Rings Beach Wetland Group. I enjoy being able to leverage my background in technology to improve the administration of these groups so that they can be more successful at what they do.

I am passionate about communicating as widely as possible with the members of our community, as I believe that the more our community is involved, informed and consulted, the better chance KRRA has of understanding and representing their views and aspirations.