2018 Kuaotunu Community Plan

Survey Results

In the October 2018 community newsletter, the Kuaotunu Residents and Ratepayers Association asked the community to respond to a survey based on the Community Plan document that was created almost 10 years ago. 

The Committee condensed the original plan down to 20 main themes, and asked the community to advise how important they considered each of these themes to be, plus give us their thoughts on anything else that they felt should be considered. 

A total of 208 responses were received to this survey (equating to approximately 170 properties). The responses are summarised below, ranked in order of the percentage of responses where the question was thought to be either Very Important or Somewhat Important.

Survey Responses

Q2. Urban, commercial and rural development to be controlled and appropriate for the area in order to retain Kuaotunu's existing ‘small beach village’ atmosphere and bush/farm backdrop.


Q19. Support for environmental considerations such as ongoing protection of our nature reserves, increasing predator control and ecological restoration projects.


Q1. Support for measures to make Kuaotunu more cycle and pedestrian friendly.


Q12. Improved monitoring of local streams to manage water quality supported by specific initiatives e.g. stormwater control, maintenance of drains/stream outlets; plan for sewerage treatment where small plants may be viable etc.


Q6. Maintenance and expansion of existing bush tracks.


Q17. Development of a clear LOCAL civil defence plan with particular emphasis on a well thought out, communicated and rehearsed emergency response plan.


Q20. Support for efforts to keep PTA (i.e. Kauri Dieback Disease) out of our forests.


Q4. Preservation of Kuaotunu’s dark skies i.e. limiting artificial light which impedes visibility of the night sky.


Q5. Council to support initiatives that provide for the reduction of energy use and for services that are environmentally friendly (eg. solar heating, composting toilets).


Q16. Any concessions proposed to operate from Kuaotunu beaches, reserves etc, or eco-tourism ventures to NOT be approved without prior consultation with, and approval of, the community.


Q11. Exploration of options for extra protection of wetlands surrounding Kuaotunu.


Q7. A Reserve Management Plan for Quarry Point Reserve (the main boat ramp) that will prioritise maintenance of the boat ramp and improvements to pedestrian access, safety, and boat trailer parking.


Q3. Improved telecommunications and electricity infrastructure along with community consultation.


Q14. Identification, signposting and preservation of significant sites of historical importance reflecting significant aspects of Kuaotunu’s Maori and European heritage.


Q8. The 5 knot rule at Kuaotunu, Kuaotunu West and Rings beaches to be strictly enforced.


Q13. Pursuit of a ‘Spray Free Village’ encouraging purposeful reduction in spray use by contractors e.g. use only where absolutely appropriate (not in drains or near waterways); and requirement for signage when sprays are used.


Q9. Additional highly visible surf lifesaving equipment to be available on all beaches.


Q10. Exploration of the establishment of potential local inshore marine reserves.


Q15. Input of Ngati Hei (and overarching Hauraki Collective) actively sought to inform future community development issues.


Q18. Support for initiatives for the establishment of a local health clinic.


Final Question: Is there anything else that you think is important but wasn't covered above?