Useful Information


Always call 111 immediately if you think life or property are in danger


If you are at the coast and:

  • Feel a strong earthquake that makes it hard to stand up
  • Feel a weak rolling earthquake that lasts a minute or more
  • See a sudden rise or fall in sea level
  • Hear loud and unusual noises from the sea

Move immediately to the nearest high ground, or as far inland as you can. Walk or bike if possible. Do not wait for official warnings.

Power Emergencies

If you see lines down or other dangerous situations call Powerco. 
0800 27 27 27 
(24 hour number)

Gas Emergencies

For a gas emergency call Powerco’s gas emergency line. 
0800 111 848
(24 hour number)

Road Emergencies

To report an emergency situation affecting SH25 call NZTA.  
0800 44 44 49
(24 hour number)

Where to Get Information in an Emergency

Get emergency updates from TCDC via text message by texting follow TC_DC to 8987.

If the power goes out, use a solar or battery-powered radio (or your car radio) and tune into Radio NZ, The Hits, Newstalk ZB, MoreFM or Radio Live.

Visit the following websites for more information:



Powerco is responsible for the distribution network, i.e. the lines and cables. 

If you are experiencing a fault or power related issue, check with your power retailer first.

To contact Powerco call:
0800 769 372


To find out the condition of SH25, call NZTA:
0800 4 HIGHWAYS 
0800 44 44 49
(24 hour number)

For issues with any other local roads, call TCDC:
07 868 0200
(24 hour number)


Chorus is responsible for the fibre optic and copper cables network that underpins the provision of internet services.

If you are experiencing an internet issue, check with your phone or broadband provider first.

To report any network issues call:
0800 463 896
(24 hour number)

Fire Seasons and Permits

If you’re planning on lighting an open fire outdoors, make sure you check the fire season status, and find out whether you need a fire permit.

If you need any more information don’t hesitate to contact Kuaotunu Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ).

Health Services

Always call 111 immediately if you think life is in danger.

Mercury Bay Medical Centre
07 866 5911
87 Albert St, Whitianga

(free advice from a registered nurse)
0800 611 116

The Doctors Surgery
07 866 4621
58 Albert St

Mental Health Crises
To obtain a crisis mental health assessment for someone, call the Waikato District Health Board:
0800 50 50 50
(24 hour number)

Rubbish and Recyling

Council rubbish bags are picked up on Tuesdays in Kuaotunu, with recycling bins being emptied every second Tuesday.

If Tuesday is a public holiday, the pickup day is usually - but not always - delayed until Wednesday.

The blue rubbish bags can be bought from supermarkets in Whitianga.

The closest Refuse Transfer station is at 101 Matarangi Drive, Matarangi.

You can also dispose of rubbish at the rubbish compactor at the Kuaotunu boat ramp on SH25 (note this is coin operated).


Fishing is a popular pastime in the Kuaotunu area. Waters in the Coromandel area fall within the Auckland and Kermadec Islands fishing area. 

To report suspected illegal fishing activity, like poaching or the illegal trade of seafood, call:

0800 4 POACHER
0800 47 62 24 

It is helpful if you can provide:

  • the exact location
  • the vehicle/trailer registration number
  • the boat name
  • a description of the person(s).


Dogs on Kuaotunu beach

Dogs must be registered with TCDC. Registrations are renewable annually in July.

Dogs can be walked off leash (but under control) on Kuaotunu beaches all year round EXCEPT:

  • public holiday weekends; and 
  • the period from 20 December to 31 January (inclusive).

During these periods dogs are NOT permitted on the beach from 9am to 6pm. If you are found with your dog on the beach during this time you will be subject to an instant fine of $200.

There is a dog exercise area on Kuaotunu Beach that stretches from the public access area opposite Kingfisher Lane to Quarry Point (i.e. the boat ramp). Dogs can be off leash in this area at all times, all year long.

As a result of the wonderful work of the Project Kiwi Trust, we are privileged to share our environment in Kuaotunu with many wild Kiwi. One of the biggest enemies of Kiwis in the wild is dogs, and the Trust therefore encourages all Kuaotunu residents, and visitors who holiday here frequently, to take their dogs to Kiwi Aversion training sessions once a year.

These sessions take approximately 10 minutes per dog and they are free. To book one of these sessions, or to register your interest in future sessions, please email Sheila at or text her on 021 716514.


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