2018 Committee Nominations

The following nominations (in alphabetical order) have been received for positions on the 2018 KRRA Committee:

Alastair Brickell (current Secretary)

Nominated by Keith Goodall, seconded by Bill Muir

Harriette and I have lived in Kuaotunu for almost 40 years and now run Stargazers B&B and Astronomy Tours. 

Over that time I have been involved in several community groups including the Fire Brigade (over 35 years), Rings Beach Wetland Group, Kuaotunu Hall Committee, MB Area School Board of Trustees, Kuaotunu Domain Board and also on the MB Historical Society committee for over 20 years.  Time permitting I also help out with Kauri 2000 planting and volunteer at the Coromandel I-Site.

Having been a KRRA committee member at various times over the last 30 years I am standing again as I feel it is an organisation that deserves input from a dedicated group of locals with a diverse range of ages, backgrounds and interests.  

Only then can we ensure that Kuaotunu develops the way we want it to; rather than the way our local or regional councils think it should.

Carolyn Gibbs

Nominated by Isabel Gilbert Palmer, seconded by Jose Kakebeeke

Having had my parents own one of the original baches in Irishtown Road since the early 1960’s I have grown up through nearly 50 summers in Kuaotunu, and more recently purchased a home myself and been lucky enough to secure employment as a School Counsellor at Mercury Bay Area School. 

I have previous experience on many committees while based in Riverhead Auckland, including the local Hall Restoration Committee (Secretary), Riverhead School PTA (Chairperson), and as Chairperson of the Riverhead Residents and Ratepayers Association. 

In seeking a role as committee member on the KRRA I would like to be involved with any movement or project that seeks to preserve the special environmental, artistic and ‘about community’ attributes that give Kuaotunu it’s unique character. 

Isabel Gilbert Palmer

Nominated by Pippa le Lievre, seconded by Julianna McLean

Birthdate: 16.10 .1948
Ethnicity: Maori /European, Rangitane, Ngati Rauwaka
Background:  Education, Counselling, Art Therapy, ESL Tutoring. Published Author and Journalist  Belgium, USA. Art Event Production. NZ, USA, Belgium.
Present.  Freelance Writer, Project Researcher Suter Gallery Nelson
Residency: Global  since 1982, Home in Kuaotunu since 1992, permanent resident  2016
My Perceived Role in KRRA  Committee:
*To promote transparency encourage ,open discussion and goodwill in all aspects of KRRA’s mandate to serve its community.
*To represent  a bicultural Maori perspective including Ngati Hei  by default, in all  aspects concerning Kuaotunu .
*To encourage Kuaotunu  to become a Environmental ,Arts and Cultural corner of the Peninsula
*To  maintain the importance of local history , pre European arrival, reclaim original Maori place names and rename legally.
*To be  involved in the Community Plan based on shared visions and of the community for sustainable future .
*To engage in Community  discussion and development per se.

Keith Goodall (current Committee member)

Nominated by Alastair Brickell, seconded by Brent Page

I was born and raised in Kuaotunu.  I left the area after school to work in various occupations (Construction, Engineering, Landscaping, Farming) and returned in 2004.  I live with my family in Kuaotunu village.
I am part owner and Licensed Salesperson at Richardsons Real Estate, a member of the Kuaotunu Fire Force, and have been a member of KRRA committee on and off since 2004. I loved Kuaotunu like it was in the 80s, but accept change and love Kuaotunu like it is today.  I recognise and respect the many individuals and groups volunteering and contributing in many different ways for the benefit of this community/area.
I am prepared to continue as a member of the committee to help maintain a strong voice for the Kuaotunu area with Councils etc, to support positive initiatives/upgrades/changes in the Kuaotunu area, and to support a positive KRRA committee.

Dugald Hoyland (current Committee member)

Nominated by Alastair Brickell, seconded by Evans Young

I have lived and worked in the Kuaotunu area for forty years now and have always supported the local community, from building (in partnership) the Kuaotunu Store, helping to establish the tennis courts and amenities building on the domain, and establishing the first shop in the Matarangi Development. I have also helped with the maintenance and upkeep of the hall when it was needed years ago.

I have been a member of the Domain Board since its establishment, and a member of the Kuaotunu Fire Force for 38 years just gone.

So I have been part of this community for a long time and would like to be part of an energetic committee that gets projects done for the benefit of the whole community and for the growth of our small village.

Gordon McRobbie (current Chairman)

Nominated by Evans Young, seconded by Bill Muir

I am the current chairman of the KRRA committee and have served in this role for the past two years.
I have been a resident of Kuaotunu for eighteen years and have witnessed much change over this time. When we first arrived the roads were still metal on clay. Given that change is inevitable my interest in serving the community is to be involved so that any change can perhaps be modified in the best interest and advantage for a diverse community. 

My past experiences as a Farm Management Consultant and then as part of the management team of a Dairying Research Corporation brings me the skills and confidence to assist with our community goals.      

Bill Muir (current Committee member)

Nominated by Daryl Fraser, seconded by Alastair Brickell

In 1972 we purchased land in Kuaotunu and visited regularly. In 1997 we moved permanently and built our home and established a tourism venture which we continue to operate.

I have been a member of KRRA since becoming resident here, served on the committee which I chaired for 2 years.

Along with other residents I  participated in the forming and upgrading of the boat ramp, widening the channel and installing poles for safety, securing rocks from the road works being done to seal the Whangapoua hill.

I have been active in securing good outcomes for our community both from Regional and District Councils and have an interest in the safety and well being of the local community.

Kate Nielsen (current Committee member)

Nominated by Mel Asquith, seconded by Dan Asquith

My family and I have lived in Kuaotunu for 15 years.  In that time, I have served on the Kuaotunu Kindergarten Charitable Trust and the Mercury Bay Community Choir committees, run children's drama programmes, and coached swimming and football. 

For the last year I have been on the KRRA committee, and I am standing again because I believe our unique and beautiful community deserves open and transparent representation; it deserves stewardship that celebrates diversity, creativity, and sustainability.

Brent Page

Nominated by Keith Goodall, seconded by Ian Preece

Lise and I have owned property in Kuaotunu since 1988 and been permanent residents since 2000. My career experience was in the IT industry over 30 years, 25 of which was as CEO/Shareholder of Connect NZ. CNZ was NZ’s largest, privately owned ICT company, with 185 employees and offices in Akl, Ham, Wgtn & CHCH.

During the period 2010-2014, I chaired Destination Coromandel and from 2012 to 2016, I chaired TCDC’s Economic Development Committee.

Lise and I continually remind ourselves how blessed we are to be able to live in Kuaotunu Village and are keen to ensure that our natural environment is preserved and enhanced and that the wonderful, creative and unique individuals that make up our Community all have a voice in our future together.

Ian Preece

Nominated by Shirley Willey, seconded by Martin Smith

We became members of the Kuaotunu community in 2005 from where I now run my full time photography business. 

I am a great believer in getting involved and am an active member of local arts and environment communities and support many local and peninsula wide projects.  

In recent years I have become concerned, like many people, about the challenges facing us primarily from increasing numbers of visitors to our village.  Our public areas and reserves are coming under increasing pressure as a result of this.

We live in a unique and diverse community and I believe all residents and ratepayers need to be part of a well informed debate about how we deal with these issues and understand the choices that face us.   

As a member of the KRRA I commit to ensuring we continue to be open, honest and transparent in our dealings with you on these issues.

Luke Reilly

Nominated by Adam Coleman-Smith, seconded by Rory Eli Keyworth

Standing for the committee means a lot to me as I would like to have an input into the present and future of Kuaotunu. 

Being lucky enough to have grown up in this area, but experience work and travel around different parts of the world, has given me a huge appreciation of how special our community and environment is in Kuaotunu.

I believe in keeping Kuaotunu......Kuaotunu. 

Kathy Speirs (current Treasurer)

Nominated by Janet Clark, seconded by Carrie Parker

My professional background is in IT, business development and financial management. 

My interests are varied but include flower gardening, conservation, and native bush restoration. I am a member of the Rings Beach Wetland group and a Project Kiwi volunteer courier driver.

I am currently the Secretary/Treasurer of the Hall Committee as well as the KRRA Treasurer. I also produce the KRRA monthly newsletter and last year developed the Hall website. I am currently working on a website for the Kuaotunu community.

I’m not afraid of hard work, or getting my hands dirty when required. In the last 12 months I, along with the rest of the committee, have been focusing on growing our membership base, and I am delighted that it is now over 180 (compared with under 40 last year). I believe the more our community is involved, informed and consulted, the better chance KRRA has of understanding and representing their views and aspirations.

Chris Twemlow (current Committee member)

Nominated by Martin Smith, seconded by Isabel Gilbert Palmer

I first moved to the Coromandel in 1984 and currently reside fulltime in Kuaotunu. I have a background in construction, education, online marketing & website management. I have been very active in Community Development in both Lyttelton and the Coromandel.

Currently I am 

  • Committee Member of KRRA.
  • Chair of Kuaotunu Environmental Action Inc. (Predator Control & Food Forest).
  • Trustee & a Project Coordinator on the Coromandel Kauri Dieback Forum.
  • @ Lovers of Coromandel Facebook page manager.

I believe the role of a committee member on KRRA is to 

  • focus first and foremost on our local infrastructure.
  • foster the free flow of information between residents, ratepayers and agencies.
  • ensure our roads, footpaths, services, reserves and beaches are maintained to a high standard.
  • support with individuals and group initiatives by offering advice or representation to TCDC, WRC, DOC and other bodies.

Sheila Westley

Nominated by Klaudia MacLeod, seconded by Chris Westley

I have lived in Kuaotunu for 9 years and became a New Zealand citizen after arriving from the UK in 2001. For many years I have worked in administration and accounting. 

I love the peace and beauty of the area as well as the very caring community. There are things that could be done to improve our facilities and other areas that need continued care, all of which would benefit the area but I feel this should be done without spoiling the Kuaotunu we all love. 

I see small groups aiming to do good things for the community and KRRA could gather and distribute information on their plans and progress to avoid duplicating work. Unbiased, informative communication is needed so residents and ratepayers can voice their opinions in a helpful and constructive manner before any changes or developments are made on their behalf.

Evans Young (current Committee member)

Nominated by David Ting, seconded by Sue Ting

A ratepayer in Kuaotunu for 12 years and a permanent resident for three.

I retired after spending the last 25 of my working years as Director and Project Manager for a leading privately owned, New Zealand Property Development Company. 

My experience in dealing with Government (Local, Regional and Central) throughout NZ and the South Pacific, including planning, consenting, design and construction of roading, waste-water, storm-water and public housing infrastructure, has given me an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of Local, Regional, and Central Government departments in dealing with residents and ratepayers. I believe this experience and knowledge can be of value in advancing the aims and aspirations of Kuaotunu residents and ratepayers.


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